How to Care for Your Wool Shoes

Nov 01, 2022

How to Care for Your Wool Shoes

In a world of mass production, every pair of Woolenstocks boots and slippers are handcrafted to perfection. Durable and designed to withstand even the wildest of life’s adventures, we craft our shoes to last. In fact, it takes over 40 hours to embroider a single pair of Woolenstocks shoes.

Wool shoes are naturally easy to wash and care for. Wool has a distinct outer layer, which helps to repel stains and keeps odors from being absorbed. Since wool has a natural ability to self-clean, your Woolenstocks will stay fresh if you simply air them out and allow them to rest. However, your shoes are bound to get a little dirty as you wear them everyday. 

We’ve put together a few tips to help you care for your shoes:

Wool – Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Remove excess dirt – when it’s time to clean your wool shoes, start by removing any excess dirt or debris from your shoes with a clean, dry cloth.
  1. Spot clean – to remove smaller stains, we suggest you gently spot clean the stain with a damp cloth and mild soap. For larger stains, hand wash with a wet cloth and soap. You may have to repeat the process a few times, but make sure that you always leave the slippers to dry before starting over again. Most importantly, do not completely submerge your wool shoes in water.
  1. Air dry  once you have spot cleaned your shoes, all you need to do is leave them out to air dry. Do not dry your shoes in the dryer. Depending on how much water is needed to spot clean, it may take a few hours for your shoes to completely dry.

All wool shoes can, and in most cases, will generate some woolen coarse inside the slippers. This is a natural and normal process that occurs during the first few weeks of wear.

The Woolenstock Story

The story of Woolenstocks starts in the Himalayas. Tired from his travels, Woogo needed to rest his blistered feet. During his travels, he came across a tribe dancing in their village. He noticed each dancer wore a pair of beautiful slippers. They were the most colourful slippers Woogo had ever seen. The tribe’s skilled artisans saw his travel-worn feet and made him a unique pair of felt slippers. The slippers brought him instant comfort. Soon he was dancing to celebrate with his newfound friends.

At Woolenstocks, every pair of our slippers and boots supports women, children, and refugees in developing communities. As proud partners of charitable organisations around the world, we work with artisans in remote areas of Africa and Asia, to help families grow food and find long-term solutions to poverty. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your Woolenstocks today!