Every Day is the Perfect Day for Wool Shoes

Nov 01, 2022

Every Day is the Perfect Day for Wool Shoes

Comfortable and durable, with a bold, unique design, each pair of handcrafted Woolenstocks felt slippers is perfect for everyday wear. Stitched with love and precise attention to detail, felt slippers blend a time-honoured tradition with modern form and function.


Why Felted Wool?

For the artisans who make your Woolenstocks, felt is more than a fabric. It’s a natural material that’s ideal for creating comfortable works of art. Not only do felt slippers and shoes feel great and look amazing, but there are so many other benefits to wool slippers.


–  Wool slippers will keep your feet warm and dry indoors and out.

–  Felted wool helps to stimulate your neural systems, which promotes great circulation.

–  Wool shoes are lightweight and comfortable.

–  Wool retains its shape and won’t stretch over time.

–  A natural material, wool is eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s naturally durable and will withstand daily wear.


Wool Slippers and Boots – title doesn’t match with the content

At Woolenstocks, we take pride in honoring the ancient traditions of crafting Himalayan felt slippers. In a world of mass production, our slippers are the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Bright and colorful, with a unique design, each pair of handcrafted slippers helps to support women and children in remote areas of the Himalayas. Not only will your purchase look amazing, but you’ll also be helping families grow food and find long-term solutions to poverty.


Whether you are looking for a pair of cute baby blue donkey felt boots for your little one, or a pair of elegantly embordered felt slippers for yourself, we’ve got the perfect pair of shoes for you! From children to adults, our colorful, unique designs are inspired daily by the infinite possibilities of life. From adventures in the park to quiet afternoons at home (and everything in between), your Woolenstocks gift will add to your story with every step you take.


Woolenstocks Doorbusters

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