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When you wear your Woolenstocks, there’s a story in every stitch.
Our first story came from the Himalayas. Tired from trekking, Woogo sought healing for his painful, blistered feet. He came across a tribe dancing in their village. Each wore a pair of beautiful slippers – the most colourful Woogo had ever seen.
When they saw Woogo’s sore feet, the tribe’s skilled artisans crafted him a unique pair of slippers by hand. The slippers brought Woogo comfort and soon he was dancing to celebrate with his newfound friends.
woolenstocks slippers
Woolenstocks slippers
Now, Woolenstocks brings unique stories from all over the world. Every pair is crafted with love, time and skill to give you comfort and restore you – ready to dance again. Each pair of Woolenstocks also means a valuable income for the female artisans who make them.
Meet Chinara, who creates designs for Woolenstocks in her workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Her job helps her to support her two children and parents at home. She tells us, “Woolenstocks helps me to experiment, marrying traditional patterns with modern forms of everyday footwear. It’s a wonderful experience. I’m curious to learn and to experiment every day.”
woolenstocks slippers
Woolenstocks bring joy to the women like Chinara who make your slippers as they earn their way out of poverty. We work also with Find your Feet in remote rural communities in Africa and Asia to help families grow enough food and find long-term solutions to poverty.
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